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I had a bad experience at Silicon Valley Piano.

My son started learning piano. After asking my friends around who bought a piano for their kids, I decided to buy a used Yamaha U3.

Silicon Valley Piano is one of stores I visited. On the first time visit, the sales man, Phil Yang, there, he called himself a "technician". When I asked about one of the U3 pianos, he said that this one is on hold and show me the customer paid the price, but if I want, he can sell to me. I was surprised that he would treat his customer like that.

Since I don't know how to play a piano and don't have knowledge about pianos, I asked my friend who can play piano and a technician to help me to check out pianos one week later. I still saw the on hold piano there. Phil said it just came yesterday.

After my friend gave me feedback on pianos, I chose a UX3 and asked my technician to check it out. The technician point out a water mark inside the piano but said it may not be a big problem. I felt concerned how the water or liquid got there. The sales man, Phil, was upset when we pointed out the water mark. He gave me a price of $4000+tax and he didn't answer any more questions about the piano. Because it was only one UX3 model, I paid the deposit and planned to come back with my husband.

My husband and I went back to store to complete the payment. Phil Yang asked for a higher price, $5000+tax, because another customer is interested in the piano which I paid the deposit. If you were me, how can you trust a store like this? I don't believe anything they said and don't trust them for a warranty or customer service.

I'd like to share my experience with you:

1. Never rush to buy a used piano – take your time, you will find a good one.

2. Never believe a sales man, especially away from Phil Yang and Yuka in Silicon Valley Piano store. They use "on hold" to make you or other customer to pay more money.

3. Technician inspection is helpful when you purchase a used piano

4. Don't waste your time with Silicon Valley Piano.

Finally, I bought a same model piano with $500 cheaper in other store. The piano looks nicer and cleaner.



You would think remembering all that you would also remember Phil's last name as well as the owner's name.


I "play" piano with sledge hammers and axes. I buy them cheap, and a smashing I will go....


Experienced the same bad experience at Silicon Valley and with Phil Yang. The story is very similar.

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